What You Need To Know About A 3D Ultrasound

It is common knowledge that expecting mothers get an ultrasound to check the development of the baby. These ultrasounds are very important because they can help with early detection of problems, inform the mother and doctor of the baby's growth, and can be fun for the parents as well. Many parents love to see their little baby growing inside the mother's body. Recently, there has been a lot of excitement about 3D ultrasounds. [Read More]

Is Blinking Really Necessary? Here Is Your Answer

Human beings blink a lot. Statistics show that the average human being usually blinks at a rate of about 20 blinks per minute. This, and the fact that human body doesn't really entrust "blink-acts" to its voluntary systems, and that it is almost automatic, suggests that it is important. Question is, is it really as important as it seems? While blinking might look like a mindless activity, it is not. As scientists have found out, blinking may just be the reason why you still have your eyesight. [Read More]

Hospice Care: Is It Time To Call? What Should You Do?

One of the most difficult decisions you will have to make is when to contact hospice care for services for your parent. Hospice has many advantages that are important to you and your family and choosing the right time to call for help could impact which services are available to you. Here are some guidelines on determining when is the appropriate time to seek help and what to do when it is time. [Read More]

Underlying Dangers Lurking In Daycare

If you place your child in a daycare facility, you're probably aware of the most common threats to his or her health and safety. Besides everyday perils such as germs and infection, there may be less obvious threats lurking behind the closed doors of child care. From bedbugs to nap mats, there are underlying dangers to consider.  The Hidden Danger of Bedbugs Bedbugs have made a resurgence in most North American states, and your child's daycare facility could be a host to these unwanted visitors. [Read More]