6 Tips for Dealing With Springtime Allergies

Many people get excited about spring because it brings warm weather and beautiful flowers. However, if you have springtime allergies, you might not be too happy when this season rolls around. However, if you make some simple changes, you can control your allergies a lot better. Here are six helpful tips for dealing with springtime allergies: Try a Saline Nasal Rinse If allergy medications make you feel too tired, try a saline nasal rinse to improve your symptoms. [Read More]

Four Common Sports Injuries And How To Prevent Them

If you participate in sports on a regular basis or are an occasional weekend warrior, you know that injuries are often a part of an active lifestyle. Whether you are an avid tennis player, a golfer, a jogger or a sports walker, it's important to do all you can to keep sports-related injuries from happening. How to prevent common sports injuries 1. Ankle sprains. WedMD calls ankle sprains the number one, most common sports injury. [Read More]

Three Things To Be Aware Of As You Search For A Lift Chair

If you're trying to find a good lift chair, you're likely concentrating on things like the maximum weight that the chair can lift or whether the chair will fit in the spot where you hope to put it. Those are obviously important considerations, but there are additional issues that you need to be aware of when you look at lift chair models. Here are three particular issues that need attention before you buy your chair. [Read More]

Phlebotomy: There Is Magic In Embracing Barcode Technology

Proper labeling of blood samples is a must when it comes to the clinic environment. Be it for research purposes, donations, transfusions or medical testing, getting the name of a patient wrong practically guarantees wrong results. In fact, in some cases, it may mean putting the life of a patient at risk. To help minimize the risks of misidentification and other labeling errors, some hospitals have decided to embrace barcode technology. [Read More]