3 Reasons To Post Your STD Test Results On Social Media

People in modern America are comfortable sharing a large variety of personal details through social media. You may find out about a friend's bad day or your may see pictures of their breakfast. However, what you do not often see are posts regarding the importance of STD testing. While some people may want to keep their private life private, if you are part of an open and accepting online community that shares your basic values, there are several reasons why you should consider uploading the results of your STD test to social media. [Read More]

Advice for Caring for Your Amputated Leg and New Prosthetic

If you have recently had your leg amputated, it's very important for you to make sure to care for it daily. Not caring for it properly can lead to irritation, inflammation and infection. Anytime you worry that there may be a problem with your limb, you want to get in to see the doctor as soon as possible. However, following the tips offered in this article will help you to avoid dealing with these problems. [Read More]

Can Bodybuilding Supplements Harm Your Teeth?

You've been working out and lifting weights for a while, and you want to take your efforts to the next step. You've researched different protein supplements that can help build muscle and are considering adding one to your diet. But did you know that many supplements contain a lot of sugar? Given that you're working on becoming more healthy and strong, you likely wouldn't drink the same amount of sugar-filled soda or eat candy regularly. [Read More]

Undergoing Kyphoplasty for a Damaged Vertabrae

Does it feel like something is broken in your back because you are always in pain? If you tripped and fractured your vertebrae when hitting the ground, for example, an orthopedic surgeon may be able to relieve the pain by performing a medical procedure that is called kyphoplasty. Discover below what goes on during the kyphoplasty procedure so you will know what to expect. How Does the Doctor Decide If I Need Kyphoplasty? [Read More]