Frequently Heavy Periods May Be Caused By A Serious Problem

Heavy periods are often a painful condition that affects a woman's life and causes very severe pelvic pain. They may occur from time to time without being a major or debilitating condition. However, frequent and heavy periods may be caused by a problem known as adenomyosis, one that must be treated as soon as possible to avoid serious pain. What Is Adenomyosis And Its Symptoms? This condition occurs when the interior lining of the uterus grows beyond the muscle wall of the uterus and breaks through it. [Read More]

How Compounding Can Help With Antibiotic Allergies

Antibiotic medications are a powerful way to help manage the symptoms of many diseases, but allergic reactions can make them unusable for some people. Thankfully medicine compounding can help reduce or even eliminate this risk. Here is what anyone with antibiotic allergies needs to understand about compounding medicines and how it can help manage their allergic reaction symptoms. The Original Of Medication Allergies Allergic reactions are caused when your body's immune system reacts negatively to a certain compound. [Read More]

What To Expect When Getting Your First Set Of Hearing Aids

If you start to notice that you can no longer hear as well as you used to, it may be time to think about getting hearing aids. This can often be a hard concept to grasp. It may make you feel as though you are getting older. You may also think it is one step towards losing your autonomy and independence. The absolute opposite is true. There is no shame in getting hearing assistance. [Read More]

So Your Son Has Breasts: Dealing With The Tough Issue Of Male Breast Development

Male breast development is an often overlooked concern that may affect male children early in life and during the adolescent years. Although most instances are benign, male beasts can cause significant issues with self-esteem. There are ways to address your concerns and possibly treat the condition. Address Any Weight Issues Not all instances of male breast development are hormonal in nature. Pseudogynecomastia occurs when there is excess fat accumulation in the chest area, which can cause males to develop the appearance of breasts, but there is no true breast tissue. [Read More]