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Thinking Of Bariatric Surgery? 2 Reasons To Try A Medical Weight Loss Program First

Losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight can be tough, and that is likely why over two-thirds of all American adults are overweight or obese. If you have tried to lose weight on your own time and time again, then it is only natural that you would consider a surgical weight loss solution to help you finally lose those stubborn pounds that are taking a toll on your self-confidence and possibly your health. However, if you have not tried a medical weight loss program, then you should try one before you seek a surgical solution to your weight problem. 

How can a medical weight loss program help you when your dieting attempts seem to have all failed? Read on to learn two reasons why a medical weight loss program may work very well for you. 

1. A Meal Plan Will Take the Guess Work out of Healthy Eating

You may feel like you have tried every "diet" out there, yet haven't lost weight while following them or lost a few pounds you quickly gained back. That is not uncommon, because fad diets found on the internet or in many weight loss books are simply unhealthy or provide loose guidelines that still leaving you guessing each day about what you really should eat. You may have also tried to overall your eating habits and eat only healthy foods with no weight-loss results. 

Medical weight loss programs are completely different than fad diets you can find on the internet. These programs are developed by medical professionals and offer meal plans that will lead to weight loss when you follow them. 

Once you visit a medical weight loss clinic, a meal plan will be developed for you that will help you get the nutrition you need in foods you enjoy while losing weight. This can eliminate the "what should I eat today?" guessing game you may play when following other diets and let you know exactly what to eat each day for weight-loss success. 

2. A Safe, Effective Prescription Weight-loss Aid May Be Provided to You

While prescription weight-loss medications are not a part of all medical weight loss programs, many programs do allow clients the option to try one if the medical staff believes it will offer you a safe way to control your appetite and lose weight more quickly. Unlike the OTC "diet pills" sold in drug stores, prescription weight loss aids have had clinical testing performed on them to ensure that they are safe for people to take and truly are effective at helping people lose weight. 

Unlike just a couple of decades ago when there were only one or two prescription weight-loss medications approved by the FDA, there are now six prescription weight loss medications on the market. That means that if you tried a prescription weight loss medication in the past that didn't help you lose weight or made you feel jittery, then one on the market now may work very well for you, even when another didn't help you in the past. 

If you are thinking of obtaining weight loss surgery to help you finally lose the weight that you have been try to lose for years, then realize that you should try a medical weight loss program before you consider surgery. While losing weight on your own can be tough, it is much easier for many people with the help of a structured program overseen by medical professionals.