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What to Consider When Going to A CBD Store

Whether you have friends and relatives who are suggesting you try CBD for a problem you are experiencing, or are just curious, it is important to understand there are many different CBD products available and each has its own good and bad points. Just like any medication or supplement, there is no "one size fits all" when it comes to CBD. This is why it is important to consider the following when you go to a CBD store:

Why You Want It

If you have multiple problems you are hoping to alleviate with CBD, you need to know just what it is you expect from its use. You may find it best to focus on one issue, in the beginning, to see how you respond to the product. Talk with the salesperson. Explain what your problems are and ask what they recommend. Let them know which issue you would like to resolve first so you can get the product that works best for it. Using a product designed for multiple problems may not give you the results you are hoping for.

How You Will Take It

CBD is available in pills, topicals, edibles, inhalants. Topicals are often used for specific joint or muscle pain. However, if the pain is throughout an area or the body, using a vape pen or taking a pill may help more. Inhaling CBD allows it to get into your bloodstream quicker. this is beneficial if you are experiencing sudden or acute pain. Pills and edibles take longer to take effect these effects often last longer. They are more suitable for chronic pain. 

Amount of THC in It

While it is possible to find CBD that has no THC (the compound in marijuana that gets you "high") whatsoever, it may be difficult. Most products contain a small amount of it. In many ways the small amount of THC enhances the effects of CBD, however, the amount is so small you will not get "high". For a product to be legal to sell in all states, it can contain no more than 0.3% THC.

Although many people use and recommend CBD for different ailments, the medical world has not yet tested it enough to prove its efficacy. However, they have not found significant side effects with the product. It is still a good idea to discuss the use of CBD with your primary care physician before using the product, especially if you take other medications. Finally, only go to a CBD store that has a good reputation and knowledgeable attendants. If they cannot answer your questions you should probably look for another store.