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Is the Pain From Past Trauma Still Weighing You Down? 4 Benefits of Working With an Emotion Code Practitioner

No one makes it through life without enduring a few difficult moments along the way. You might have experienced trauma as a child, or you may be dealing with it for the first time as an adult. Unfortunately, unprocessed emotions can lead to major issues down the road such as broken relationships, sleeplessness, and even physical pain. If you are still feeling weighed down by trauma, then you can work with an emotion code practitioner to experience these benefits that promote healing.

1. Lift the Clouds of Depression and Anxiety

Prolonged sadness, listlessness, and fear are common mental states to experience when you are struggling with past trauma. Energy work allows your practitioner to identify the emotions in your body that are impacting your feelings of depression and anxiety. Once they are identified, they can be released so that you feel lighter and happier again. 

2. Enhance Therapies for Negative Behaviors

Your subconscious has an impact on your behaviors. Trapped emotions in your body can cause you to engage in behaviors that temporarily help you to feel better such as misusing substances or overeating. Working with a practitioner who uses the emotion code to encourage healing uncovers the root of some of your negative behaviors. As your body processes and releases negative emotions, you'll find it easier to work through your therapeutic methods for dealing with addictions and self-destructive behavior patterns.

3. Gain a Greater Sense of Clarity

Harboring trapped negative energy in your body takes up mental space that makes it harder to think. During an emotion code session, your practitioner will tap into your energy to identify which negative emotions need to be released first. Anger, guilt, and shame are a few that can be released so that your subconscious mind is freer to work on building a positive mental framework that allows you to make clear and focused decisions.

4. Release Trapped Emotions In Your Body

The negative energy left over from trauma also impacts your physical wellbeing. Many people eventually move from emotional work to body work to begin feeling more physically well. A body code practitioner uses similar techniques as you do during emotion code sessions, but they place a stronger emphasis on the body. They will access your muscles and ask simple yes or no questions to elicit responses from your body. As tension is found, they'll use magnetic energy to help release it. This process also helps you to see how your emotions impact your body's physical functioning.