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Are You Dealing with Depression After a Failed Back Pain Treatment? 3 Benefits of a Functional Restoration Program

Coping with any type of chronic pain can put you at a higher risk for depression since it affects your ability to enjoy your normal activities. Yet, it is especially frustrating to try and fail to find relief. When people have back pain, it is common for them to try out multiple types of therapies such as surgery, prescription medications, and chiropractic realignments. After trying one or more of these, you may find that you still have pain that contributes to your depression. While there is no easy fix, it does help to know that a functional restoration program can help to improve your overall well-being by offering these benefits.

Learn Techniques to Self-Manage Pain

People with chronic back pain often take large amounts of prescription drugs that are not always effective for managing the discomfort. Prescription medications that contain opioids may affect your mood or generate a sense of fatigue. You may also be unable to do things such as drive when you are using your pain medication, and a loss of your independence can further increase feelings of depression. Functional restoration program services are designed to help you learn how to wean yourself off of your medications through self-management techniques. These may include strategies such as meditation, eating a healthy diet, and learning how to move correctly.

Increase Physical Functionality

Many people have unrealistic expectations regarding procedures such as back surgery, and you may be disappointed that you still have pain or reduced functioning after you have tried so hard to get well. With functional restoration, the idea is not to completely eliminate pain with your back pain treatment but to learn how to work with it. Your professional therapists will help you learn how to perform tasks such as bending over to pick up a basket of laundry or sit at a computer properly so that you feel less pain. Being able to accomplish your goals and daily chores helps to lift feelings of depression.

Talk to Professionals Who Understand

Back pain is invisible to everyone else, which means that you may encounter people who don't understand why you can't do some of your former activities. In your program, you will get to work with professional counselors who can help you regain your self-esteem and begin to accept your health diagnosis.

It sometimes takes several tries before you can find what works best to ease your pain. By addressing both your physical and emotional health, you can lift the clouds of depression and rediscover your ability to do many of your favorite activities.