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Mental Health Improvements That You'll Notice upon Getting Clean

When you've been using drugs but are working toward getting clean with the help of a treatment program, you'll soon be able to notice a number of health improvements. For starters, your physical health may be noticeably better. You may put on weight that you'd lost during your addiction, and you face may appear more vibrant and less gaunt. Internally, your lungs, liver, heart, and other organs may also get healthier. Another area in which you'll see positive changes is your mental health. Addicts commonly find that their mental health improves dramatically as they achieve sobriety. Here are some changes that you may encounter.

Reduced Stress

Make no mistake — getting clean can be a challenge, and it can thus be stressful. However, as you achieve sobriety, you'll also be bidding farewell to the significant stresses that come with being an addict. There's little question that addiction is stressful. You might constantly be under a state of stress about when you'll get a chance to buy and use your drugs, or you may be stressed if you lack the funds to buy. Stress because of concerns about your family finding out about your habit or getting fired from work due to being under the influence of drugs can also be a major concern. When you get clean, all these stresses disappear.

Fewer Mood Swings

Rapid mood swings are one of the obvious signs that someone may be using drugs. Mood swings are an issue with several different types of drugs, and they can get worse as the addiction deepens. Although mood swings can be difficult for those who are around you, they're also difficult for you: for example, you may feel remorse after you have an outburst, especially if your mood improves quickly thereafter. A reduction in your mood swings can make it easier for your family and friends to be around you, which may make them more eager to help you with your recovery.

No More Hallucinations

Certain types of drugs can give you hallucinations, which might seem entertaining and interesting at the time, but can also cause deep feelings of upset and even paranoia. Putting your drug addiction behind you can mark the end of your hallucinatory episodes, which is good for your mental health. No more hallucinations can also be good for your physical health, as it's possible to sustain a physical injury as a result of you reacting to a hallucination.

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