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How An Empathy Doll Can Be Beneficial For Your Parent's Dementia Or Alzheimer's

Have you ever heard of an empathy doll? These therapy tools are often used with autistic children to help them develop empathy and appropriate behaviors when socializing. Empathy dolls can also be used for aging people suffering from dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Some people may be misinformed and think it strange or demeaning that an elderly person would have a doll. However, studies have found that doll therapy can greatly help these patients better relate to their world and to others. If your parent has Alzheimer's or dementia, these are some of the benefits they may have from using an empathy doll.

It Provides Comfort says that almost 40% of people with dementia feel lonely. There's many reasons for this. As a person gets older, their family members have started their own families, so they are often on their own. And as a person ages, his or her circle of friends shrinks as people pass. Sometimes their loneliness is caused by stigma, as some people are unable to connect with those with dementia.

Whatever the reason for loneliness, an empathy doll can help. Just as a toy, a family pet, or a blanket can comfort a child, these dolls can comfort aging individuals. These dolls can be held, talked to, or cuddled. Many patients with dementia may be anxious because they may not remember their surroundings, their nursing home/caregiver, and so on. However, their anxiety can be lessened since they have a doll to hold. Some patients with dementia pace about or get anxious, but a doll could ease these symptoms.

It Gives Them a Purpose

After spending a lifetime working and taking care of a family, it can be heartbreaking for a person to have to be taken care of themselves. However, an empathy doll can give your parent a sense of purpose. They can babysit and care for the doll and feel needed.

If your parent is having trouble connecting with others, an empathy doll can help. Your parent will have something of comfort by their side to make socializing easier.

It Gives Respite to the Caregivers

Taking care of a parent with dementia or Alzheimer's can be quite stressful. Sometimes parents can get lost, run away, have personality changes, be irritable, and so on. Since an empathy doll can calm your parent down, ideally that could help them self soothe more easily.

If you think an empathy doll could help your parent, talk with a health and medical supplier. If you search online, you can find lots of different therapy dolls for sale.