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Expecting With Varicose Veins? Diminish The Appearance Of These Ugly Blue Lines With These Remedies

A swollen belly and a baby on the way means you have all kinds of new pressure and pains on your legs. Along with this change in your size and stature during pregnancy, those ugly blue veins will often come creeping along, which can make you feel self-conscious about wearing anything that bares your legs. While seeking professional advice for your varicose-vein problems during pregnancy is always the best thing to do, as there may be treatments that can help, there are also a handful of things you can do at home to slightly diminish the appearance of these creepy and unattractive eyesores. 

Make sure you're getting plenty of exercise. 

You may not feel up to doing much as your baby grows bigger, but staying on the move throughout your pregnancy will encourage blood flow to your lower extremities. The more blood you have flowing and pumping through the veins in your legs, the less likely it will be that you will see pressurized veins start to pop up. Plus, varicose veins that have already developed will shrink in size and diminish somewhat the more active you are. If you are on bed rest or strict guidelines to take it easy, check with your doctor about safe exercises you can do that will not be strenuous or dangerous for you and the baby. 

Dress in clothing that is not constricting. 

Your growing baby and abdominal area will already be putting a lot of pressure on your legs that would otherwise not be a problem. So wearing clothing that is too tightly wound around your midsection, thighs, or even your legs will make it even more difficult for blood to circulate. Stick with loose-fitting garments that do not put any additional pressure on your body as you move around, and you may see a difference in how obvious your varicose veins are.

Change up your position on a regular basis. 

When pregnant, it is more important than ever to not stay in one position for very long because just doing this can prevent your blood from circulating as it should. If you have a job that requires standing for long hours, make an effort to move around as much as possible, or talk to your boss about using a tall stool to have a seat on when you can. On the other hand, if you work in an office and sit for most of the day, take frequent breaks and stand up or move around. 

For information on non-surgical varicose vein treatments, contact a medical center such as The Sheen Vein Institute.