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3 Reasons To Post Your STD Test Results On Social Media

People in modern America are comfortable sharing a large variety of personal details through social media. You may find out about a friend's bad day or your may see pictures of their breakfast. However, what you do not often see are posts regarding the importance of STD testing. While some people may want to keep their private life private, if you are part of an open and accepting online community that shares your basic values, there are several reasons why you should consider uploading the results of your STD test to social media.

Decrease the Stigma Associated With STD Testing 

In the United States, there is a stigma against STDs. Even though many people contract STDs through normal sexual activity, STDs are often viewed as something dirty and shameful. Along with that stigma, there is a stigma against getting tested. Many people believe that getting tested is a way of admitting that they may have contracted an STD and would simply rather not know. By posting your results online, or even posting that you went for STD testing (more information here), you can help normalize regular STD testing among your social group.

Increase Your Friends' Awareness of STDs 

Even with plenty of online resources about STDs, it is possible your friends may not understand the risks associated with certain STDs and the various options for treatment. Posting your own results, especially if you tested positive for an STD, gives you the perfect chance to share information about STD testing and treatment with your friends.

If you do not feel comfortable posting a positive result, you may simply post that you got tested and give several links about various common STDs to increase the amount of factual information that your friends are getting about STDs.

Let Potential Partners Know Your Results

If you tested negative for certain STDs, posting your results online can be a sly way to tell potential partners about your current status and let them know that you value your sexual health. If you tested positive, especially for an incurable STD, posting online in a positive, supportive community can be a good way to get support while letting future potential partners know about your current status and the steps you are taking to manage it.   

You may not be comfortable posting the results of your testing online, and that is okay. What is most important is that you get tested regularly and that you support others in your community to get tested as well.