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5 Tips For Staying Emotionally Healthy During Injury Rehabilitation

If you are in the process of recovering from an injury, you may find that your time in rehabilitative care is more than just a physical struggle. Your journey may also include emotional and psychological challenges, such as anger, anxiety, and depression. If this describes you, you aren't alone. There is, understandably, a lot of frustration involved when an injury disrupts the way you are used to living your life. You want your life (and your body) to go back to the way it was. The good news is, things really will get better. The trick is to push on and stay as positive as possible during your time in rehabilitation. Here are five tips to get you through.

Have an Attitude of Learning

Knowledge is power; sometimes a firm understanding of your situation will help you feel more patient and in control. Talk to your doctor and physical therapist about what's going on in your body and how the recovery process will work. This will help you see the purpose (rather than simply the repetition) of all the treatments and exercises that come your way during rehabilitation. 

Set Realistic Goals

Here again, you should talk to your doctor and physical therapist about their expectations for each stage of your recovery, as well as an estimated time frame. Come up will goals that mean something significant in the overall process, but are realistically attained. This will help you see your progress. 

Rely on Your Support System

Your friends, family members, and healthcare professionals are all pulling for you. Let them help you, whether that means talking things out with a friend or spending time training your spouse on your recovery needs. Involved loved ones will be able to celebrate with you when you achieve rehabilitation goals and be there for you during the harder times. 

Take Care of Your General Health

Just because an injury keeps you from the level of mobility you are used to doesn't mean that your overall health has to suffer. Do what you can to stay healthy, such as eating right and being diligent in your physical therapy exercises. For many people, a healthy body helps keep your mood and motivation elevated. 

Seek Counseling

Never be afraid or embarrassed to seek counseling. It's quite common to have emotional struggles and setbacks when faced with an injury and subsequent change in lifestyle. When you work through your emotions, you may even find that your rehabilitation seems to be more effective. Your psychological health and physical health are, in many ways, connected. 

Though the rehabilitation process may feel long and difficult, you do not need to go through it alone and unarmed. There are many people, services, and tactics available to keep you feeling positive and happy on your road to recovery. For caring and experienced rehabilitative professionals, call Dominion Physical Therapy.