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How Choosing Dental Implants Can Improve Your Health Immediately

Your teeth play an important role in your physical appearance and your health overall. Many diseases can be affected by having poor dental hygiene. Tooth loss and gum disease can worsen some health conditions and in some cases put your life in immediate danger. If you have loose or missing teeth, don't hesitate to ask your dentist about teeth implants. Here are a few reasons why dental implants can help improve your health right away.

Restore Structure To Your Mouth

Having missing teeth can change the overall structure and appearance of your mouth. Sunken cheeks and hollow areas can put a huge dent in your self confidence. While these are merely cosmetic issues, these hollow areas may not contain teeth and the nerves in your jaw and gums may be triggering pain. The result is being unable to chew and eat foods properly. This can result in choking and poor nutrition. Having dental implants will allow you to once again chew foods correctly and help you regain a healthy lifestyle.

Prevent Infection From Spreading

If you have tooth loss due to gingivitis or gum disease, you may also have some source of underlying infection. When infection is present, an abscess can form. This often occurs as a tender area or cyst-like bump at or below the gumline. Swelling in the neck and face may also occur. If you have these symptoms, seek immediate medical assistance from your dentist or other medical professional. Once the infection is cleared with an antibiotic, a new tooth or set of teeth can be surgically placed inside the mouth. Having these teeth immediately helps promote a healthy mouth and should halt the spread of the infection.   

Halt Gum Disease

Missing teeth may be caused from gum disease. Symptoms of gum disease include:

  • Bleeding gums
  • Red, irritated gums
  • Swelling of the gums and mouth
  • Pain
  • Extreme hot and cold sensitivity
  • Cracked or missing teeth
  • Mouth sores
  • Severe halitosis

You can stop gum disease in it tracks by getting specialized periodontic care. This type of care involves clearing up any infection and performing a deep cleaning that helps remove plaque and scaling buildup. Once your mouth is has been treated, a step toward healthy oral care will be tooth replacement. If the disease can be contained, teeth implants as opposed to dentures or bridges will likely be recommended. This allows you to regain your ability to chew foods right away. 

Help Keep Underlying Diseases Under Control

If you have a health condition such as heart disease or diabetes, taking care of your teeth can help boost your overall health. With diabetes you may experience dry mouth and other oral conditions which can break down the enamel on your teeth. You are more susceptible to overall tooth decay and tooth loss. Having an underlying tooth abscess or infection can affect your heart or lead to a sepsis infection which can spread to the heart. Avoid these complications by having routine oral exams and by having rotting or decayed teeth replaced. The result is a healthier body overall. 

Staying on top of your oral health can be managed with the help of your dentist or periodontist. Replacing lost or damaged teeth can turn your life around and make your lifestyle a healthy one. Contact a dentist like Bradley R Welsh DDS for more information.