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Do Not Let Contact Lenses Keep You From Enjoying A Great Camping Trip

Exploring and enjoying the great outdoors is an experience that many could not live without. Unfortunately, camping can be a little more difficult for those who wear contact lenses. Do you wear contact lenses and enjoy spending your summer nights under the open skies? Here, you will learn how to enjoy camping without putting the health of your eyes at risk by wearing and handling your contact lenses safely.

Pack the Right Supplies

Having everything you need with you to take care of your lenses will make camping with contacts much safer. Without the proper supplies, you could find yourself going days without your lenses, having to wear your eye glasses during your stay, or coming home with a serious eye infection. The supplies you need include:

  • Contact lens solutions – storage, cleaning, rewetting and rinsing, or an all-in-one solution
  • Contact lens case – with screw on lids to ensure that they are closed up tight at night
  • Mirror – if you need a mirror to put your lenses in
  • Hand sanitizer and bottled water – you do not want to put your lenses in with hands that are not rinsed after using hand sanitizer
  • Paper towels – to dry your hands
  • Cosmetic table or workspace – a flat, stable surface that is clean and can be used to store all of your contact care items on

Follow the Right Technique

When camping, your hands are exposed to all sorts of germs and dirt. Everything from fishing worms to fish guts could be under your fingernails. Set up your contact lens station before washing your hands. Get your workspace clean and stable, set your solutions up and grab a few paper towels to use.

When running water is not available, be sure to thoroughly clean your hands and under your fingernails using bottled hand sanitizer and bottled water. Really focus on getting the grime out from under your fingernails so you do not expose your eyes to things that could lead to infection and irritation.

Once your hands are clean, dry them thoroughly. Use the paper towels to dig under your fingernails once more. Take your time as you wash your hands because it will mean the difference between a comfortable contact lens experience during your camping trip and a very uncomfortable one.

Store your Lenses Properly

Store your lenses in a place that is easily found. For best results, leave your contact lens workstation set up during the duration of your trip. This makes it easy for you to remove and insert your lenses as needed.

Talk with your eye doctor about using long-wear lenses that can be worn for several days without removal. You may not be a good candidate for this type of lens long-term, but he or she may Okay it for the nights you spend camping. Contact a clinic like Mid-America Vision Center for more information.