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What You Need To Know About A 3D Ultrasound

It is common knowledge that expecting mothers get an ultrasound to check the development of the baby. These ultrasounds are very important because they can help with early detection of problems, inform the mother and doctor of the baby's growth, and can be fun for the parents as well. Many parents love to see their little baby growing inside the mother's body. Recently, there has been a lot of excitement about 3D ultrasounds. Here are some things you need to know about 3D ultrasounds.

What Is A 3D Ultrasound?

An ultrasound uses sound waves to see inside the womb. The technician will use the ultrasound machine to emit these waves on the stomach of the mother, and then it will project an image onto a screen. A 3D ultrasound is different because it allows you to see the baby is better detail. You can usually see the baby's face, body, movements and much more.

If you want even more detail you can opt for a 4D ultrasound. This allows you to see the baby in real time, like a movie. You watch the baby yawn, move around the womb and so much more.

Are 3D Ultrasounds Medically Better?

At this point there seems to be no clear reason that you would need a 3D ultrasound over a regular ultrasound. The majority of birth defects can be detected with a normal ultrasound, which means that most insurance companies will only cover normal ultrasounds.

However, there are a couple things that can only be detected with a 3D ultrasound. For instance, you can see a cleft pallet with a 3D ultrasound, but not with a regular ultrasound. However this is a problem that cannot be corrected until the baby is born, so it is not necessarily medically relevant that you get a 3D ultrasound.

How Do You Get The Results Of The Ultrasound?

It is important to recognize that you cannot get the medical results of the ultrasound until you talk with your doctor. An ultrasound technician cannot give a medical diagnosis. Even though they have been trained to operate the machinery, unless they have a medical license they cannot tell you what the readings say. The only exception to this is to give the gender of the baby, if you choose to figure out the gender of the baby. Otherwise, you will get the ultrasound done, then the technician will send the pictures to the doctor, who will determine the results.